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Cabaret Showdown - 90's Radio Hits


Contestants will be asked to sing selections from various musical categories with no knowledge of what the song will be until right before they sing. All songs will be popular standards and each contestant will be given a copy of the sheet music. In addition, each contestant will be allotted 30 seconds to work with the pianist before they sing. Our three judges will choose the winners based on how they interpret their song so feel free to improvise and HAVE FUN!



Contestants will compete two at a time in rounds. The first competitor will choose a music category listed on the Official Game Board at which point a song will be revealed. They will then decide to either sing the song or pass the song to the second competitor. If a song is passed to the second competitor, that person will then have the opportunity to select a song for the first competitor after they sing. After each contestant sings the judges will select a winner to advance to the next round.

If a contestant does not know the song they will have the option of either improvising their way through it or using a lifeline where they pick someone out of the audience who knows the song and can sing it in their place. Keep in mind that you only have one lifeline and if that person enables you to move to the next round and you do not know the song again then they will take your place for the rest of the Cabaret Showdown. We encourage you to bring friends who can be your lifeline and cheer you on from the audience.


 $12 at the door

More info can be found here and here.


Between 1st Ave and Ave A. Take the A train to w4th, and transfer to F train. Take F to 2nd Ave. Walk to 1st Ave and Ave A, theater is a basement theater.



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